What If You Cannot Exercise?

We all know that there are many health benefits of exercise. There’s no doubt. We don’t question it. It’s fact.However, exercise is… well… exercise.It’s hard. It takes effort, and, no matter how strongly we believe in it, actually doing it can be a challenge.Here’s a couple of tips if you think you cannot exercise.1. Prioritize your exercise.
2. Make it pleasure, not punishment.Prioritize Your ExerciseBy prioritize, I don’t mean set up a workout schedule of what comes when. While that CAN be an important part of any physically active lifestyle, at this point, I’m just trying to get you off the couch and out the door.So, at this moment, I’m talking about making exercising a regular part of your daily routine. It should be as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth or getting dressed. With that in mind, I want you to get much the same feeling when you skip your workout as you would if you walked outside without your pants on.

This means that working out, exercising, should have a high priority (see?) in your daily activities. We often tend to try to fit exercise in little niches and nooks around out other activities. It’s better to give physical activity a front row seat, and work a lot of the other “stuff” into your life, around your fitness routine.Make It Pleasure, Not PunishmentNo one has decreed that “exercise” has to be pushing weights around in a gym, or riding a bicycle until your lungs give out.First lesson?Start off low and build up slow. Unless you are already in great shape and regularly tasking your body, there is going to a “train up” period. Also, what you see in the mirror, or on the bathroom scale, does not even begin to tell you what’s going on inside your body.It’s not all about muscles and fat. There are glands and hormones, and even the brain, involved in physical fitness. You cannot see what’s happening inside, and, it’s important to realize that if you try to do too much too fast, you can actually do more harm than good.Second lesson?You are more likely to do what you enjoy than what somebody says you HAVE to do. There are not only many different forms of exercise and fitness workouts and regimens, but, many activities that some people would not consider “exercise” at all.

For example, bicycle riding, swimming, gardening, hiking, and yoga to name just a few.The fact is that few of us simply “cannot ” exercise. Most of us just don’t want to. We see it as work, as effort now without immediate reward.Well, the rewards are there, not just in the health benefits of exercise, but in the many physical, psychological, and emotional ways in which regular physical activity, defined as exercise or not, can impact our lives in a positive manner.Bottom line is that, if you can wiggle your fingers, tap your toes, swing your head from side to side, you can put some activity into your life. If you are fortunate enough to have full use of your limbs, then you cannot honestly say, that you “cannot” exercise… you’ve just found excuses not to exercise.

Work Hard In Silence And Let Success Make The Noise

To be successful, you have to be able to work hard in silence and let success make the noise. When people are putting forty hours work week, you need to put eighty to a hundred hours a week, which in turn improves your odds of success. It sounds crazy, but it pushes you to be extraordinary.

But what pushes some people to work so hard? How is it possible to have so much determination or even the discipline? Is it conceivable to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time?

The first thing that pushes certain individuals to work hard is hunger. Even if intelligence is a valuable tool, there are a lot of smart people out there that cannot fight their way out of a paper bag. But when someone has a hunger that does not go away, to be more, do more, get more, and never ends, it becomes a person who is the best at what they do.

I believe that everybody has that hunger, but for some people, it has been lifeless for a long time. The reason being is that they are afraid to try or to fail. It is human nature to protect yourself from the fear by lowering your expectation. But you get what you tolerate. While some people accept their fate, others decide that enough is enough.

Therefore, when you decide to make a change, it is the beginning of a breakthrough. You then create a different vision for yourself. Some of you are already doing it right now. More than ever, it is a time to begin working hard, in silence, and inoculate yourself with positive words.

When you work hard in silence, you create a different and new you which then become unstoppable. You have to replace the negative garbage which is polluting your mind and replace it with optimistic thoughts. If not, you will slowly die at age 25 and will not get buried until you are 75.

Get a Clear Vision and Work Hard
If you are reading this article, it is because you are different from everyone else. To work hard, you need a clear vision of where you are going and what you want. You have to focus on you, and not try to convince people who do not believe in what you see the future to be.

When you go outside and look for pigeons, it is pretty easy, but if you are looking for eagles, it may take you a few minutes to find them. The fact is that when you reach the top and let success make the noise, it feels kind of lonely but you have to remember, you eat better.

There are times, and days such as certain mornings where it is better not to think, but to get up, work hard, and in silence. Do what you have to do. Then read or learn something new. But there are other times when you have to think and get really creative. You need to keep a clear vision of what you want and grind. Then make a dollar into two, invest it and grow your net worth.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Work Hard
The reality is that reading a book, going to a conference, having a great conversation where you get this golden information is fantastic. But what makes mastery is execution on the ideas. No concepts work unless you are willing to roll up your sleeves, do the practice, invest the time, put the effort, and work hard.

We have all observed a lot of people, who love reading the books, showing at the courses, doing all of the online training but nothing ever changes. And they do not know why it does not work, why their lives do not improve or why their thinking stills the same.

Well, it is because ideas do not work if you do not execute on them. You have to work hard. If you look at any great entrepreneur, leader or performer, there is one thing that makes them prodigious, and that is their grit. It is their hunger, determination, and perseverance to practice that makes them who they are. Successful people are willing to make all the sacrifices.

Work Hard with Passion and Shift Your Mindset
And yes, they are passionate. So you also have to be obsessive. Do you know the root of the word passion? It is “suffering.” Therefore you have to be willing to suffer and work hard for your vision. You got to feel the pain to reach the top and be one of the best in the world.

You have to be able to suffer the laughter and ridicule of your critics and cynics to get to a place called success. And as you get to that area, let victory speaks for itself. For all of it, you have to change your mindset. And in this shift, you must accept appreciation.

The truth is that often, everything is about getting, so what we focus on is somewhat what we do not have. Therefore, you have to shift your mindset from focusing on what you lack to the connection of the growth and goals you want to achieve. You have to work hard every day until you accomplish what you desire.

Work Hard by Practicing Repeatedly
No matter what is going on in your life, I know that there will be things that knock you down, stuff that sucks or reasons to be unhappy but there is always a reason to bounce back. How do I know that? Well, I do also have them in my life; we all do. But it is how you deal with what is happening.

There is no magic button to build self-confidence. Hard work and repetition is the key to confidence. Let me remind you of the ten thousand hours rule. There is no secret formula other than practicing the same thing over and over until you master it.

The problem is that you cannot expect to have confidence or mastery tomorrow. But you can build confidence if you put yourself in a situation where the skill you have to learn is getting you under pressure, and you are pushed to work hard. It is your ability to practice and keep trying that makes you an expert.

Work Hard and Let Success Make the Noise
Most people have a problem with repetition, and it is that a lot of them bail after a little bit of failure. Have you ever bailed after the first bit of adversity? At times I know I did. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all used to repeat something, but you just have to practice and work hard at your craft if you want to master it, and never accept failure.

Determination and persistence are great tools to use. So, you have to persist. All I care about and all that matter to you is what your mindset is like regarding today and your future. Keep your ‘why’ in your mind, work hard in silence and let success speak. You can, you will, and you must.

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